Company Profile

Hisite Hair, as our brand name, is an honest and reliable professinal false Eyelashes products supplier, that has been in the industry for almost 12 years.

False eyelashes are our primary products. Meanwhile, we also developed three ranges of lashes, including Strip Lashes, Eyelashes Extensions and Individual Flare Eyelashes, In materials, our lashes include Real Mink Eyelash, Synthetic Eyelash, Human Hair Eyelash, Fabric Eyelash, Feather Eyelash and paper Eyelash. Satisfing every customer is our mission.

To better serve our customers, we set up a branch in Delaware in Jan. 2017, offering fast delivery service to the US clients. Overnight,one-day,and two-day delivery services are all available, which also is our core competitive advantage.

If you are interested, please share your contact information and a convenient time slot so that we can schedule a call back. We will be happy to partner with you in developing a long-term relationship .